The Mr. Hollywood podcast is a satirical look at the absurd world of entertainment news. Each week,"Mr. Hollywood" Matt Demers, provides his offbeat commentary on the latest Hollywood gossip, interviews genuine celebrities, and tries his best to convince his listeners (and himself) that he's famous. It's the Colbert Report meets Entertainment Tonight, on Botox.

This is a year-end special celebrating some of the best moments on the Mr. Hollywood Show in 2015. Featuring: An interview with Kenny Hotz of Kenny VS Spenny, a discussion on Caitlyn Jenner and something called Trek-sexuals, some Podcast Leftovers and either the best or worst segment ever: If Celeb Walls Could Talk!

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It's the Mr. Hollywood STAR WARS SPECIAL! Featuring: an interview with Daniel Logan (Young Bobba Fett in Attack of the Clones), strange yet true facts about Star Wars movies, a discussion on movie "hype" and a lot more!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews legendary voice actor Steven Blum, chats about John Stamos' 52 year old bum, gives his Netflix Gem of the Week (Cop and a Half) and has suggestions for new cartoons featuring celebrities!

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Mr. Hollywood goes warp speed in his interview with Star Trek Voyager actor Garrett Wang. Plus a Holiday Movie Quiz, a rant about Comedy Schools and a special announcement about a future episode!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews Anthony Del Col, writer and co-creator of the Image Comic's book Kill Shakespeare. Plus a look at Fall Out 4, a game about movie tag lines and discussion on Charlie Sheen's HIV status reveal!

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It's the Annual Mr. Hollywood Halloween Special! Featuring: an interview with Horror movie legend Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th / Hatchet / Old 37), tips for discount costumes, true yet terrifying facts about your favourite scary movies and a new instalment of "Guess That Scream!"

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Mr. Hollywood interviews Brandi Cyrus and talks horror movies, gives his take on Playboy's decision to drop nude pics from their magazine, gives DIY celeb Halloween costume ideas and reflects on Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews PIXAR artist and director Sanjay Patel and UK absurdist artist Peter Millard. Plus it's News Headlines: Fact of Crap- The Donald Trump Edition, a discussion on Randy Quaid's latest troubles and news of Justin Bieber's nude leak!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews the voice of Jimmy Falcone on the Hulu / Adult Swim adult animated series Fugget About It, gives options for who should be the NEXT James Bond, introduces you to the new Honey Boo Boo song and debuts a new segment:"If Celeb Walls Could Talk."

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Mr. Hollywood interviews legendary comic book artist Neal Adams about royalties for his characters used in Marvel / DC movies, plays a new game called "Tag Lines For Days," and sounds off on movie festivals!

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