The Mr. Hollywood podcast is a satirical look at the absurd world of entertainment news. Each week,"Mr. Hollywood" Matt Demers, provides his offbeat commentary on the latest Hollywood gossip, interviews genuine celebrities, and tries his best to convince his listeners (and himself) that he's famous. It's the Colbert Report meets Entertainment Tonight, on Botox.

It's Mr. Hollywood's Ho Ho Holiday Special! Featuring: an interview with DC Comics artist and writer Francis Manipal (Detective Comics / The Flash), a reading of The Night Before Christmas... in Hollywood, a discussion on the Sony hacking scandal and new years resolutions!

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Mr. Hollywood is joined in studio by young comedian Johnny Rogers and interviews Marvel Comics artist Nick Bradshaw (Guardians of the Galaxy / Wolverine). Plus a Celeb Christmas Wish List Quiz and a look at rap feuds!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek First Contact actress Noelle Hanibal, shares riddles about celebrities who have gone nude and gives his latest Netflix Gem of the Week. Plus comedians Shane Murphy and Kyle Pooler return to the show.

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Mr. Hollywood flies solo and interviews iconic actor Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, 24, X-Men, Mad Men, etc),chats with a pair of European pro cosplayers, dishes the dirt on his abscent co-hosts and intoduces you to the Hollywood Reader 3000.

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Mr. Hollywood presents a rare interview with the Grady twins (Lisa and Louise Burns) from Stanley Kubrick's film the Shining. Also featured is a a new game, "Oh No He Didn't," with a Jason Priestley audio clip, strange yet true facts about celebrities and a commentary on Black Friday. 

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It's the Mr. Hollywood Halloween Special! Featuring an interview with the original scream queen Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street), discussions on the horrific Jian Ghomeshi scandal, sexy MALE Halloween Costumes and a new game called "Guess That Scream!"

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It's Mr. Hollywood's 50th episode! Featuring, Canada's Walk of Fame red crapet interviews with Ryan Reynolds and Rachael McAdams. Plus, last minute Halloween costume ideas, podcast memories and more celebrity infused hijinks!

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Mr. Hollywood talks Saturday Night Live and interviews former cast member Brooks Whelan and current cast member Michael Che. Plus the Marvel versus DC debate, the "Does This Hashtag Exist?" game and A Halloween Puppy is your Netflix Gem of The Week! 

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Mr. Hollywood welcomes origional co-host Shane Murphy back from the dead and interviews WWE Hall of Fame Divas Trish Stratus and Lita. Plus a quiz on which member of the band you should date, a discussion about slandering celebrities, another "Does This Hashtag Exist" and more!

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This week's podcast comes to you from a child sized pillow fort and features an interview with Napoleon Dynamite's Efren Ramirez (Pedro Sanchez). Plus strange facts about celebrities, details on the Mr. Hollywood CBC ComedyCoup submission and much more!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews "the Governor" from the AMC TV show The Walking Dead: David Morrisey. Plus insider tales from the 15th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, thoughts on the Simpsons / Family Guy crossover and more celebrity hijinks!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews horror movie icon Robert Englund A.K.A Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, pays tribute to the late Joan Rivers, puts WWE superstar Christian in the Hollywood Hot Seat and comments on the celeb nude picture hacking scandal!

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Mr. Hollywood takes aim at celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, interviews comedian John Heffron, gives ideas for new movie sequels, sings to the Guess Who's Burton Cummings and talks award show hosting.

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Mr. Hollywood reflects on Robin Williams' career, interviews 22 Jump Street stars the Lucas brothers (Kenny and Keith), re-opens The Locklear Log and answers OTHER podcast's fan mail. Plus lots more celebrity shenanigans!

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It's the 1 year anniversary show of the Mr. Hollywood podcast featuring an interview with Marc Maron, a collection of celebrity soundbites and lessons learned from podcasting. Plus new music and more!

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Mr. Hollywood returns from the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal with lots of tales to tell. Plus he shares an interview with Chelsea Lately writer and performer Fortune Fiemster, has new rules for movie trailers and debuts something called "Magazine Quiz Time."

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Mr. Hollywood interviews Archie Comics artist and writer Dan Parent and throws out new storyline ideas for the Riverdale gang. Also: a special summertime music review, a guy dressed as Wolverine, the do's and dont's of approaching a celebrity and a whole lot more!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews host of CBC's Q: Jian Ghomeshi, holds the ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debate, proclaims his love for Pro Wrestling and young comedian Johnny Rogers phones in for the Hollywood Hot Seat.

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Mr. Hollywood interviews the co-creator of The Ren and Stimpy Show: Bob Camp, answers OTHER podcasts fan mail, tells you how to get beach body ready and a nerd talks about the upcoming Star Wars films.

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Things get sloppy as Mr. Hollywood and company record  their "drunk episode" (based on your votes). Mr. Hollywood delivers a Summertime Movie Preview, an interview with comic book artist Marco Rudy and Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive is your drunken Netflix Gem of The Week!

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Mr. Hollywood pays tribute to the prom and interviews Degrassi star Pat Mastroianni, gives you the do's and don'ts of the big night, has a special prom themed Netflix Gem and reveals this year's "Hollywood Prom" King and Queen!"

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Mr. Hollywood interviews actress Cara Gee, tells you about Shit Nicholas Cage Did, shares New Celeb App Ideas and reaches out to his fans for help determining a future stunt episode.

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The Mr. Hollywood Show goes "Game of Thrones" and kills off one of their own! Plus it's attack of the Canadian sitcoms including interviews with "Seed" star Amanda Brugle and cast members of "Working The Engles." "A Talking Cat!?!" is your Netflix Gem Of The Week and Mr. Hollywood weighs in on the Simpsons after 25 years on the air.

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Mr. Hollywood gets called a dick by comedian Ron James on the red carpet, tells you about his "favorite things," recreates an awkward Wheel of Fortune moment, talks about doing dirty things with Terminator's Michael Biehn and gives a guide to outdoor music festivals!"

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It's attack of the reality TV show hosts as Mr. Hollywood interviews Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox and Amazing Race Canada host Jon Montgomery. Lost Girl star Anna Silk is in the "Brushes With Fame" and comedian Shane Murphy gets put in the "Hollywood Hot Seat." Also a rant on celeb death hoaxes!"

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Mr. Hollywood interviews "Call Me Fitz" actress Tracy Dawson, comes up with new reality TV show ideas, speaks out on "spoiler" etiquette, puts comedian Kyle Pooler in the Hollywood Hot Seat and The Miami Connection is your Netflix Gem Of The Week."

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Mr. Hollywood interviews iconic director David Cronenberg, shares an encounter with Rush front man Geddy Lee, introduces the "Hollywood Hot Seat," sounds off on Kickstarter and "Cool As Ice" is your Netflix Gem of the Week!

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Mr. Hollywood welcomes back co-host Shane Murphy, interviews comedian Brendan McKeigan, shares a musical moment with Shannon Tweed, recreates a scene from Gone With The Wind with a modern twist and gives a guide to binging TV shows

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It's Mr. Hollywood's "Oscar Preview Special" featuring Mr. H's expert picks on the main categories plus some bonus predictions, a re-creation of the "goodbye" scene from Casablanca with a modern twist, James Cromwell talking about his 'acting method' and much more!

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Mr. Hollywood talks porn parodies, interviews comedian Howie Miller, tells you about the time he recited a poem to Ellen Page and chats with Charlie Sheen's management team for engagement gift ideas.

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Mr. Hollywood shares celebrity pick up lines, interviews comedian Ali Hassan, gives a special Valentine's Day edition of the Netflix Gem of the week and starts fresh with his quest to interview Heather Locklear.

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Mr. Hollywood celebrates his birthday and shares voice messages left by fans, interviews wrestling legend The Honky Tonk Man, gives Justin Bieber career advice and gives his latest Netflix Gem of The Week

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Mr. Hollywood interviews WWE Legend Bret The Hit-man Hart, investigates what the "purple drank" Sizzurp is all about, recreates an awkward moment from the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant and continues his quest to interview Heather Locklear!

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Mr. Hollywood interviews pro cosplay girls, recreates an awkward Mike Tyson interview, shares alternative award show categories and speaks out on Shia Labeouf.

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Mr. Hollywood goes Sci-Fi and interviews Babylon 5 / Star Trek actress Julie Caitlin Brown, starts a new segment called "Awkward Moments in Entertainment," gives celeb predictions for 2014 and continues "For The Love of Locklear."

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The Mr. Hollywood podcast has compiled the best moments from the past year and stuffed them into one celebrity infested show for your listening pleasure. Featuring comedian Ari Shaffir, William Shatner, the" Fan or Not a Fan" game and a Netflix Gem of the Week!

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